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About us

We are not merely a "business" but more correctly a ministry-inspired organization primarily working to bring groups that wish to become identified with Israel and the Jewish people with an emphasis on Judea and Samaria.
We are also working to link up non-Jews who wish to experience one-on-one relationships with Israelis. 

Tours are all tailor-made to suit the needs of each and every individual group.

Our company was established specifically to make tours to Israel:

Affordable– we are not a regular tourist agency. A combination of believing in what we do and efficient management will keep your tour prices low.

Innovative- The Land of Israel has much to offer. Our company plans and implements itineraries that combine the ultimate pilgrimage experience with visits to other important sites in Israel

Unconventional-  Tours to Israel tend to skip certain areas in the land. Hebron, Shilo and Mt. Gerizim are examples of very important biblical sites that we visit regularly in our tours.

Caring– We understand that our clients are not regular tourists. They are believers who love Israel and the Jewish people. In our itineraries, you will have a chance to show your love and appreciation.

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