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Our team

Avi Lipkin - Founder and visionary

Born and raised in New York, Avi immigrated to israel following the Six Day War.

Avi is a journalist, lecturer and author.

Speaking in hundreds of churches, on Radio and TV stations all over the world, Avi brought valubale information to the world about Israel, Judaism and the Jewish people.



Aaron Lipkin - CEO


Born and raised in Israel. Aaron has been working in tourism since 1997, bringing thousands of tourists to Israel.

After studying the history of Judea and Samaria, Aaron decided it was time to arrange tours to Israel "the right way". Skipping important places like Hebron, Beth El, Shiloh and Mt. Ebal is not an option.

Aaron also understood that Israel is not just a "Biblical super power" but also is a leading expert in fields such as agriculture, medicine and high tech industry. This lead to offering professional and educational tours, as well as spriritual.

Aaron is also active in promoting interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians.

 Esther (Eti) Lipkin - Accounts Manager


Eti was born and raised in Jerusalem. Eti served in the IDF and graduated Hebrew university with a Masters degree in communication.

She is married to Aaron with 5 wonderful children.

Eti manages the Lipkin Tours financial dpartment making sure that everything behind the scenes is in perfect order.

She loves classic movies and teaches film in her spare time.

 David Pasder - Co-founder and director of French speaking partnership Lipkin-Pasder



David was born in Paris, France.

Together with his wife Ruth he emmigrated in Israel in 1984. They have six children and many marvelous great-children and have lived in Ofra, in the Land of Benjamin, the biblical heart of Israel for more than twenty years.

David’s passion is Israel; the people, the Land of Israel and the Bible.

Aaron and David co-founded LIPKIN-PASDER in 2011. Together they build extraordinary tours for friends of Israel from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Africa.They have the joy of presenting the tremendous miracle of the fulfillment of the prophecies: the Return of the Exiles.

 Nili Pozes - Operations Manager


Born and raised in Ofra, Nili now lives here with her son.

She studied film at Ariel University in Samaria.

Nili is in charge of operations. She books and arranges every detail of the tour including flights, hotels, attractions, tour buses and more! She ensures everything is organised efficiently and no detail is spared.




Leora Soffer - Customer Relations


Born in London, Leora made Aliya with her husband in 2013. They have since lived in Shilo together with their three wonderful children. 

She holds a Bachelor degree in Fashion Management from London Collge of Fashion. 

Leora is in charge of customer relations and communication and will always do her best to help keep you well informed and answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Shmuel Katz - Office Adminitrator 


Shmuel was born in Israel and lived in USA for 10 years before returning to Israel to study and serve in the IDF. He currently lives in Ofra with his wife and two daughters. 

Shmuel is studying to become a lawyer in his spare time!

Shmuel helps run the office, ensures all merchandise is in order, meets and liases with supppliers and assits with accounts. 

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