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70th Anniversary Extravaganza & In Depth Study Tour


Hosted by Messianic Rabbi Jerry Feldman 

15 Days ~ April 8th to April 23rd, 2018





This tour is meant to bring the participant into a hundred Biblical narratives that are never seen on usual tours to Israel. The intent is to introduce and to educate beyond where “No One Has Gone Before” (almost)! Comprehensive exposure to “The Land, the People and the Scriptures”

Bet El (actual Biblical site & Jeroboam’s altar), Ai  (unpublished excavation not seen by groups), Micmash Pass (Jonathan and the Philistine escarpment, Shilo Tabernacle site, Mt. Kabir (Elon Moreh where Abraham received the Land promise), Mt. Gerizim (Mt of Blessing), Samaritan Village with synagogue and excavations, Mt. Ebal (Mt. of Cursing - IDF escort to view actual altar built by Joshua), Sebastia (Biblical Samaria where Yeshua visited during Roman times and the Palace of Omri, Ahab, Jezebel and resting place of the head of John) and many more!





Total tour price (flights and land package):

Departing from Kansas City to Israel = $5,295 per person.

Land Package only  = $3,629 per person.



Tour package includes:

  • Round trip flight from Kansas City
  • 14 hotel overnights. Double room occupancy.
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Site entrance fees.
  • Transportation (air-conditioned bus).
  • 2 meals a day
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